Breville Espresso Maker Die-Cast, The Duo-Temp

Breville Espresso Maker Die-Cast, The Duo-Temp

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A café in your kitchen. This espresso machine offers temperature control through its auto purge feature and the appropriate pressure through its 15 bar pump, all in a solid die cast metal design. The auto purge feature extracts an espresso, steams milk, then automatically flushes the system to restore the ideal brewing temperature for the next shot. The rest is up to you. Simply add freshly ground beans and start practicing those barista skills.
Prior to full extraction, the unique Triple-Prime™ Pump releases three bursts of hot water to moisten the ground coffee in the portafilter. The ground coffee expands resulting in greater pressure build-up to extract all the oils and fullest flavor from the ground coffee.
The filters have been created with dual walls. Beneath the first wall is a second wall with a single exit hole. This produces back pressure inside the brew head which helps extract more flavor from the coffee.



  • 75 fl.oz (2.2L) removable front-fill water tank
  • Triple-Prime™ Feature
  • Auto-Purge™
  • Dual-wall créma system
  • Self-retracting water tank tube

Included Accessories:

  • Tamping tool/measuring spoon
  • Cleaning tool
  • Stainless steel frothing pitcher
  • 1 cup & 2 cup dual-wall stainless steel filters

Additional Features:

  • Instant hot water
  • 75 oz (2.2 L) removable water tank
  • 72 sq in (465 sq cm) solid steel cup warming tray
  • Swivel steam wand with froth enhancer
  • Concealed storage compartment houses accessories
  • Thermoblock heating system, diecast aluminum
  • 15 Bar Italian pump pressure
  • Automatically adjusts water temperature after steam


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