Breville Slow Cooker

Breville Slow Cooker

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Slow cook meats and stews to perfection. Sear, sauté, and brown on the stove-top and finish slow without losing any depth of flavor or nutrients.

Low setting for gentle, uniform heat to deepen rich flavors. High and Combo settings for better cuts of meat and dishes featuring vegetables and grains such as soups and stews. Cool-touch handles let you easily transfer from stove to cooker. One-Pot Cooking with the EasySear™; Stovetop Insert. Sear, sauté; and brown ingredients on the stovetop in the EasySear™; Insert, then transfer into the slow cooker to deepen flavors, finally lift out to serve banquet-style directly on the table.

The non-stick, scratch resistant, cast aluminium EasySear™; Insert functions as a premium piece of stand alone cookware, with removable silicone handle covers for heat protection.

Low setting gently simmers pot roasts, braises, and dishes with tougher cuts of meats for an extended period of time without over cooking or burning. No stirring is required.



  • 7 qt (6.6 L)

Included Accessories:

  • Stainless Steel Roasting Rack

Additional Features:

  • One-Pot Cooking
  • EasySear™ Stovetop Insert
  • Wrap-Around Heating Element
  • Scratch resistant vessel
  • Oven safe
  • Modern silhouette


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