Aiya Rooibos Zen Café Blend Pre-Mix, 1kg

Aiya Rooibos Zen Café Blend Pre-Mix, 1kg


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Following the success of our Matcha Pre-Mix, Aiya has released the Rooibos Pre-Mix. Also known as the medical tea, this healthy red tea from Africa brings about an exquisite red color and unique flavor in a smoothie of latte. You receive the benefits of the whole leaf through the process of powdering the tea.

The Pre-Mix lines are pre-blended with sugar to lightly sweeten the taste for fast and easy preparation for a fast paced lifestyle. It allows versatile applications when mixed with cold or hot water, milk, or soymilk to prepare iced sweetened tea, smoothies, and lattes.

Rooibos Tea - the "red tea" - is directly sourced from South Africa - where the best Rooibos is harvested. A supple tea known for low amoounts of caffine with sufficient amounts of antioxidants. Rooibos is a delicate gem with a rich flavor coupled with a bold aftertase, and is now pre-blended for quick preparation on the go.


Weight: 1kg bag
Servings: 66 servings at 8 oz. a glass for Smoothie or Lattes


  • Strawberry Rooibos Smoothie
  • Rooibos Latte with Hazelnut Milk

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