Aiya Ceremonial Matcha Tin, 30g
Aiya Matcha

Aiya Ceremonial Matcha Tin, 30g

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This Ceremonial Matcha is Aiya's most popular Matcha grade. It is high enough quality that it can be used for formal tea ceremony. This is why it's called “Ceremonial Grade”. 
Having the perfect balance of natural sweetness (derived from the amino acid L-theanine) and slight Matcha astringency (derived from natural tea Catechins), this is the perfect Usu-cha (thin style Matcha).
All of Aiya's Matcha is grown and produced in Nishio city in Aichi prefecture.  Nishio has been known the world over as the cradle of the finest Matcha for more than 800 years.


Weight: 30g (1.1 oz) tin

Serving: Approx. 15 servings

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