Mavea Maxtra Replacement Filter, Three Pack

Mavea Maxtra Replacement Filter, Three Pack

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Superior MAVEA MAXTRA® filtration technology removes chlorine, benzene and other pollutants for water that’s ideal for drinking, cooking and brewing coffee or tea. Certified by the Water Quality Association to reduce chlorine taste and odor, agricultural chemicals, heavy metals and industrial pollutants.

MAVEA filter meter indicates when the filter needs changing by measuring the volume of filtered water, water quality (hardness) and time. Filters are recyclable. Visit for more information on the MAVEA Filter recycling program.

 Made in Germany.

Additional Features:

  • Prolongs cooking-appliance life span by reducing limescale buildup.

  • Filters are recyclable.  

  • Unique filter flow control ensures optimal filtration over the life of the filter.

  • All plastic components are BPA-free.

  • Does not remove fluoride.


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